This is HAP

Hydal Aluminium Profiler (HAP)


For more than five decades we have delivered component and systems solutions based on extruded, surface treated and fabricated aluminium extrusions to the Nordic and European industry. Hydal Aluminium Profiler consists of two production units, in Norway and Sweden. In 2014 we had 300 employées. Our turnover was 720 MNOK and we produced 21.500 tonnes of aluminium extrusions. With our roots in a more than a century long tradition within the aluminium industry, we have built a unique competence and trade experience, a heritage we today manage in a modern and market adapted company culture. We combine our mission as a supplier with the role as an active cooperation partner when it comes to design, product development and construction of competitive systems and product solutions in aluminium.

Core values

Hydal Aluminium Profiler (HAP) stands for simplicity, accessibility and dependability. We act fast; from idea to finished component, through a small and resourceful organisation with high personal service level, effective communications and good technical capacity. We are what we say and we keep what we promise! Right quality, highest delivery accuracy and satisfied customers are our most important goals in our efforts to always beeing your best partner!

Organisation Hydal Group

Hydal Aluminium Profiler (HAP) is part of Hydal Group which consists of four companies with special focus on development, construction and production of extrusions, components and products in aluminium. organisation_hydal_group

Organisation HAP AS

Organisation HAP AB