Building & Construction

The building sector is one of the biggest users of aluminium extrusions. Apart from windows, doors and facades, extrusions are used in building related components such as scaffolding, railings, ladders etc, etc. A minimum of maintenance, high strength and low weight are important factors when choosing building components in aluminium.

Aluminium facades

Glass and aluminium in combination creates opportunities for flexible design and strong, elegant and weather resistant facades with integrated systems for low energy consumption and energy recycling.


Glazing and extension of balconies in dwelling houses are facilitated by using lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant building systems in aluminium.

Windows and doors

In private and public houses the use of aluminium windows and doors is increasing. Either in compact aluminium or through aluminium cladding. High durability and a need for a minimum of maintenace are the main reasons for using aluminium.

Patios and Pavillions

The strong development for the past decades for glazed pavillions, verandahs and patios has been made possible by flexible, strong and maintenance free building systems of aluminium extrusions.

Building elevators

For a building elevator for high heights and heavy loads a construction made of aluminium is an optimal material choice. Low weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance are crucial factors when choosing aluminium. The extrusions are included in a design system with easy, fast and secure joints and connections.


Strong and light building systems make it possible to design big spans. High corrosion resistance is crucial in the choice of aluminium building systems for green houses in all sizes.

Scaffolding systems

Scaffolding systems in aluminium are easy and light to handle, an important working environment factor. They are easy to transport assemble and take down. High durability and good corrosion resistance results in a long life span and good total economy.


So called roller shutter system as protection for shops either in interior environment or as protection for outside shopping windows. The shutters have elegant design, high strength against violence and are weather resistant.

Shop security shutters

Rullegitter som beskyttelse for butikker både innendørs og utstillingsvinduer/ fasader utendørs. Elegant design samt høy styrke og motstandskraft mot både hærverk og vær og vind.


Within the offshore industry aluminium and aluminium extrusions are used to create lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant constructions. They are used in platforms, scaffoldings, stairs and ladders, railings etc. The low weight also facilitates handling when working with repairs, assembly and service at the same time improving working conditions and increasing safety.