The transport sector is one of the areas where the use of aluminium extrusions have increased the most during past years. Here, all the good properties of aluminium are used by creating strong and lightweight constructions with long life spans and good corrosion resistance. Every kilo saved results in increased loading capacity and lower fuel consumption.

Car fitting systems

Fitting systems for cars and trucks based on aluminium extrusions give opportunities for flexible and tailormade constructions. Lower weight than similar constructions in steel means higher loading capacity and reduced fuel consumption.

Aluminium boats

Boats for commercial traffic as well as leisure boats are more and more made of aluminium and aluminium extrusions. Sheet and extrusions in hull, mountings, walls, superstructures and windows result in strong and lightweight constructions with high corrosion resistance.

Trucks and buses

Reducing weight is one of the guiding principles in developing new trucks and buses. The use of light and strong materials such as aluminium extrusions are becoming increasingly important and are found todfay in things like link bearings, chassis components, cabin fittings, connecting rails, fuel pipes and fuel manifolds.

Lorry bodies

Lorry bodies and flatbeds today are in most cases made of aluminium and aluminium extrusions. In this application the metal’s high strength, low weight and hardwearing surface come into their own. Properties that cuts fuel consumption and increases loads compared to other materials.


Modern train constructions to a large extent contain lightweight materials such as aluminium. Train bodies, frames, railings, chairs, windows, heat sinks in electronic components etc are examples of components made of aluminium extrusions. Low weight, high strength, elegant design and durability are key factors.


The use of lightweight materials such as aluminium has seen a strong increase the past decades. The main reason is the hunt for low weight as modern cars are equipped with more and more components which would otherwise make the cars too heavy. Aluminium extrusions are found in interior fittings, chassies, motor components and heat sinks etc.


Aluminium was one of the major prerequisites for the development of the modern airplane industry. Low weight is crucial for increased loading capacity, increased flying range, reduced fuel consumption and reduced environmental effects. Aluminium extrusions are found in aircraft bodies, interior fittings and electronic components and as containers for handling cargo transport.