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The green metal

We believe strongly in sustainability from mining the raw materials to manufacture of the finished products. We trade in local aluminium billets, made in Norway, where we have the cleanest energy in the world.

By constantly improving and refining our production processes, reducing emissions and focusing strongly on the environment, we contribute to better, more sustainable products for the future.

Aluminium is often referred to as the ‘green metal’. That’s because it is ideal for eco-friendly product solutions. Reduced weight and energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and longer durability are some of the benefits that can be achieved by choosing aluminium instead of more traditional materials.

The production of primary aluminium in Europe has developed rapidly, yet since the carbon intensity within its manufacture has been reduced by no less than 55% since 1990. The extrusion process has also undergone major changes, and is now 11% less carbon intensive than in 2010.

Did you know that if you replace 200kg of steel with aluminium in a car, you can save up to 16g of CO2 per kilometre?

Source: Environmental Profile Report 2018- European Aluminium

Hydal Aluminium Profiles works continuously to improve production processes. We are ISO-14001 certified, and our personnel work every day to find new solutions able to contribute to reducing the consumption of energy, oil and plastic. We see the world around us changing, and will play our part in reducing our impact on the environment.

Our surface treatment plant is in close proximity to the press, which simplifies logistics and cuts the use of road transport.

Hydal Aluminium Profiles works with our partners for a sustainable future.