Electricity & Electronics

Within the electricity and electronics sectors aluminium extrusions continuously find new application opportunities. Unlimited design possibilities, elegant appearance and with good thermal properties, aluminium extrusions provide a versatile design material.


This pump for crimping has a case consisting of an aluminium extrusion. Low weight, good ergonomics, elegant design and a high quality impression decided the choice of aluminium extrusions as construction material.

Heat sinks

Aluminium has good thermal properties and are often used in electrical and electronic devices and heat exchangers for effective thermal dissipation. With the correct design you increase the total surface area of the extrusion thereby rendering the heat dissipation more effective. Low weight make the extrusions ideal for use in electronic components in trains, airplanes, buses, cars and trucks etc.

Aerial systems

In masts for mobile telephone systems components made of aluminium extrusions are used for mounting aerial systems. Low weight, high strength, integrated fastening system for easy and fast assembly and high weather an corrosion resistance are important material qualities for these aerial components.