Design & construction

We have the resources to help you at the design and development stages. Our departments for technical service, product development and industrial design contribute with extrusion design as well as by making adaptations for functional features and environmentally friendly solutions. We can create exactly the solution you require, test machining steps and evaluate connection ideas using our advanced CAD systems. All without the need to produce a single die or prototype extrusion.
Our ambition is to be your long term partner in the development of profitable products based on aluminium extrusions.
We can offer assistance with:
  • Preliminary study
  • Design of extrusion system
  • Product design
  • Innovative solutions
  • Production process adaptation
Which gives the product:
  • attractive appearance
  • high usability
  • high functionality
  • high degree of system integration
  • low production cost
  • right quality
  • environment friendly character